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Golden State Law Group Golden State Law Group

Golden State Law Group Golden State Law Group

Golden State Law Group Golden State Law Group


2012 Client's Choice Award
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Golden State Law Group offers an unmatched legal team and we make it affordable by offering very attractive INTEREST FREE financing.


  • David is a very experienced attorney specializing in personal bankruptcy, Mr. Weil is a caring but tenacious advocate.
  • My back was up against the wall and you came through! Thank you for taking care of all of my stress and financial pressure... I have not slept this well in a long time. You are truly appreciated.
    - Actual Client Andrew S.
  • You guys really did make the whole process as easy and painless as possible... Thanks so much.. I did finally get my final paperwork like two weeks ago!!! Yayyy!!!! Thanks to: Polo, David Weil, Jorgette, and Jonathan... great team.
    -Actual Client Elizabeth
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San Diego Financial Help Lawyers at Golden State Law Group

Few situations in life prompt as much stress, sorrow and despair as financial difficulties.  These problems are carried with someone every moment of every day, and many feel as though there is no way out from under the mountain of debt, the repeated collection calls and the threatening letters that seem to arrive every day.  Fortunately, there is a way out for almost everyone, but it starts by seeking the assistance of the San Diego financial help lawyers at the Golden State Law Group.  Below is a brief explanation of our approach with our clients.

Your Initial Analysis is Free of Charge

Over the years, the San Diego financial help lawyers at the Golden State Law Group have come to understand that our clients are not in a position to pay for many things immediately.  That's why we offer a free initial consultation for all of our potential clients.  During this consultation, we will take a close look at your financial picture and make recommendations of how we could help you get out from under your debts.  This may include filing for bankruptcy protection or making use of other strategies.  It all depends on the specifics of your situation.

Your Course Will be Mapped Out Clearly

After we've had an opportunity to take a look at your financial situation, we will be able to help you understand what steps need to be taken in order to put an end to your stress and struggles.  We will provide you with a detailed analysis of your financial picture, explain what steps are necessary and what these steps entail and provide you with some realistic expectations regarding the process that's chosen to restore your peace of mind.

Your Case Will be Handled Promptly

During our time learning as much as possible about the nature of those we help, one of the fundamental lessons we incorporate into our approach every day is that our clients want their situations resolved as quickly as possible.  This is especially true once the chosen process to end their financial struggles begin, as our clients tend to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in what could have been many years.  As such, we will make sure that your situation will not be bogged down in delays or red tape.  We will work on your case diligently until a resolution has been reached, and we will be happy to help you move forward in hopes that you will never need the help of San Diego financial help lawyers again.

Overall, dealing with financial struggles is something that impacts every aspect of someone's life.  If you are tired of the stress, fear, anxiety and uncertainty, take that all-important first step to financial freedom.  Contact the San Diego financial help lawyers at the Golden State Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.