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Social Security

San Diego Social Security Disability Claims Lawyers

When San Diego people are injured or they fall ill every day, and while everyone faces a difficult struggle with either of these challenges, those who are responsible for generating income for themselves and their families face a particularly stressful time if they are unable to work. Generally speaking, a mountain of stress will not help this situation in any way, and people who are injured or ill need to know that they have options to help them get through this time. Fortunately, the federal government provides such an outlet that is administered by the Social Security Administration.

The SSA, as it’s commonly called, provides different types of benefits for people who need them in addition to the retirement benefits that everyone understands. These benefits include Social Security Disability benefits, or SSD. This is not a handout – the income taxes that you pay while you work help to fund these programs, and they exist to help people pay their bills while they fight to get back on their feet and back to work if possible.

Beginning the SSD Application in San Diego County

Everyone who seeks SSD benefits needs to complete an application with the Social Security Administration. This application is considered by the SSA and benefits are either approved or denied. Unfortunately, a high number of applications are denied simply because they lack adequate information. That’s why people who need these benefits should obtain the advice of a Social Security Disability lawyer before completing the application.

People who are in need of benefits from the SSA should consider that the following steps are involved with getting this process started:

  • Making an appointment with the local Social Security Administration office.
  • Gathering all relevant medical records for inclusion with the application.
  • Completing the application fully and accurately.
  • Making sure that a Claims Representative is assigned to the case.
  • Making sure that the claim is sent to Disability Determination Services.

Improving Your Chances for Approval

If any of these steps seem unclear, that’s yet another reason to seek legal help before beginning this process. An attorney who handles these claims regularly will help make sure that this effort proceeds as smoothly as possible. He or she can also help with the following:

  • Determining whether or not your physician will support your disability claim
  • Submitting organized and clear copies of your medical records when you apply for benefits or appeal a denial
  • Remaining in contact with the Disability Examiner handling your case
  • Making sure that no deadlines or appointments are missed

Any of these steps could prove vitally important in terms of your ultimate award of benefits, but it should be noted that a high number of claims are still initially denied. If that happens, you have the right to appeal the decision and having an attorney helping you who is familiar with the case will be extremely beneficial.

How the Golden State Law Group Can Help

The San Diego Social Security Disability lawyers at the Golden State Law Group have helped countless clients pursue and ultimately obtain benefits. There are times when we have successfully helped clients obtain benefits with their first application and times when we have had to fight for the rights of our clients through the appeals process. You should also be aware that we can refer you to a doctor if you need a medical evaluation and that you will not have to pay out-of-pocket legal fees. Our fees are paid when you receive your award of benefits. If you are unable to work and you need financial help, contact the Golden State Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.


San Diego Social Security Disability Claims lawyers information page updated 6/30/2014